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Frequently Asked Questions
(Advanced FAQ's)

Topography & Resist Effects on Wafer Charging

1.Q. Does photoresist have an affect on wafer charging?
A. Definitely. The presence of photoresist on the surface of the wafer significantly increases wafer charging, as discussed in the following paper:
2.Q. How significant are patterning topography-dependent charging effects?
A. Patterning topography-dependent charging effects can be very significant. In some cases, topography-dependent charging effects are the dominant effects.

3.Q. Can I use CHARM®-2 wafers to study patterning topography-dependent charging effects, such as the "electron shading" effect?
A. Yes. This is done by placing resist patterns over the CHARM®-2 "antennas" to emulate the conditions that exist on product wafers.

4.Q. How can I study topography-dependent charging effects associated with my specific design rules?
A. You can have WCM design custom resist masks for you.

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