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Equipment & Process Evaluation Services

WCM's Evaluation Services provide the customer with CHARM®-2 wafer pre-conditioning, testing, data analysis, and summary reports which include wafer maps of wafer surface-substrate potentials, UV dose, and J-V Characteristics of the charging source. We will also show you how to use them to predict device damage.


CHARM®-2 Wafer Charging Monitors

The re-usable CHARM®-2 monitor wafers offer fab engineers the ability to measure the charging characteristics of plasmas or ion beams before product wafers are exposed to them. Comparison of equipment charging "fingerprints" obtained during periods of reduced yield immediately identifies the offending equipment. Routine use of re-usable CHARM®-2 wafers as equipment monitors to detect equipment drift, or to optimize processes, can prevent costly problems before they occur.

ChargeMap® Software

For on-site analysis of CHARM®-2 data. The very first installation of ChargeMap® uncovered charging problems on several types of IC process equipment, as evidenced by spatial correlation of CHARM®-2 charging maps with areas of heavy yield loss on product wafers.
Fully Automated ChargeMap® Software! CHARM®-2 data analysis is now completely automated! The latest release of ChargeMap® generates the appropriate wafer maps, J-V plots, and a page-long report automatically -- a click on the "Analyze" button does it! Includes verifying the integrity of calibration, program, and measure data files to ensure fool-proof assessment of the charging characteristics of your process tools.

DamageMap™ Software

Unlike surface potential measurement techniques, DamageMap™ produces a wafer map of charging currents, the real cause of charging damage. Direct comparison of a DamageMap™ map with the product yield map can show whether a particular processing tool is responsible for gate oxide damage.

CHARM®-2 Applications Package

A complete package to provide on-site turn-around time and best measurement sensitivity. Typically, the cost of the CHARM®-2 wafers and the ChargeMap® software will be recovered the first time a problem is resolved.

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