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1.  Effect of Substrate Connections on Charging Potentials and Current Densities
2.  Influence of Etch Process Sequence . . . in Magnetically Enhanced RIE Etcher
3.  Wafer Charging Damage in IC Process Equipment
4.  Influence of Scribe Lane Structures on Wafer Potentials and Charging Damage
5.  Electron-Shading Characterization in a HDP Contact Etching Process Using a Patterned CHARM Wafer
6.  Control of Wafer Charging During Ion Implantation: Issues, Monitors and Models
7.  Measurement of VUV Induced Surface Conduction in Dielectrics Using Synchrotron Radiation
8.  An Improved Secondary Electron Flood Helps Control Ion Implant Charge
9.  Effects of Processing Pressure on Device Damage in RF Biased ECR CVD
10.  Device Effects . . . Correlations Between SPIDER-MEM and CHARM®-2
11.  Comparison of CHARM-2 and Surface Potential Measurement . . . Gate Oxide Damage
12.  Understanding and Controlling Wafer Charging Damage
13.  Characterizing Electron Shower with Charm-2 Wafers on Eaton NV-8200P . . . Implanter
14.  Monitoring Charging in High Current Ion Implanters . . . Preventive Maintenance . . .
15.  Photoresist Mask Design for . . . Charging Effects During High Current Ion Implantation
16.  Photoresist Effects on Wafer Charging Control: During High-Current As+ Implantation
17.  Comparison of Implant Charging Results Obtained with QUANTOX® and CHARM®-2
18.  Is Surface Potential Measurement (SPM) a Useful Charging Damage Measurement Method?
19.  Charging Damage in Thin Gate-Oxides -- Better or Worse?
20.  Quantifying Via Charging Currents
21.  Characterization of Wafer Charging in ECR Etching
22.  Study of Pattern Dependent Charging in a High-density, Inductively Coupled Metal Etcher
23.  Charging Effects In Ion Implantation: Measurements and Models
24.  A Study of Wafer Charging with CHARM-2 and Large Area Capacitor Monitors
25.  Influence of Photoresist on Wafer Charging During High Current Arsenic Implant
26.  Quantifying Wafer Charging During Via Etch
27.  Using CHARM-2 Wafers To Increase Reliablility In Ion Implant Processing
28.  A New Technique for Solving Wafer Charging Problems
29.  Plasma Model for Charging Damage


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